‘Merlin’s Apprentice’ had its world premiere for Taunton, telling of young Arthur’s rise from homeless orphan to King of all England under the guidance of the legendary magician, Merlin! But taking the throne is more difficult than taking the sword from the stone, for Arthur must face a powerful enemy: Morgana…

The story begins as a troupe of medieval strolling players gather the village to hear the tale of King Arthur.  With the use of puppets, shadows, songs and authentic Old English musical instruments, they conjure a young orphan called Artie.  We see him meet the mysterious Merlin and become his unofficial apprentice.  But we also meet Morgana, a young girl who serves Merlin and who is jealous of the way Artie has suddenly become the wizard's new favourite.


Thus is born a rivallry which will grow as each fulfils their destiny, and finally take them to the very edge of doom and destruction for the whole country!

'had the whole house jumping and clapping' (Mid Devon Gazette)

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