Forget the slapstick – let's get magical

(Mid Devon Gazette)

A magical re-telling of the legend that holds the audience spellbound

(Western Morning News)

Merlin is so magical

(Somerset County Gazette)

'The audience is grabbed by the lapels from the start... it had the whole house jumping and clapping'


Mid Devon Gazette December 2015


‘Merlin’s Apprentice’ is a thrilling new musical, telling of young Arthur’s rise from homeless orphan to King of all England under the guidance of the legendary magician, Merlin! But taking the throne is more difficult than taking the sword from the stone, for Arthur must face a powerful enemy: Morgana…


'Merlin's Apprentice' received great reviews and real audience affection when it had its world premiere at the Brewhouse in  Taunton in 2016- this brand new kind of adventure offers a real family entertainment - with songs, dance, battles, demons and even dragons!

We look forward to announcing the next chapter of this epic adventure in a world of myth and magic, where good must conquer evil at the court of King Arthur!


The classic legend is told anew in a stunningly beautiful and inventive new production featuring bewitching songs and magical special effects, including an unforgettable immersive set, puppets and costumes!


You'll have an amazing time in Merlin's world...


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